The warm words and praise from my clients is a reminder of all the good work and good health I am happy to share. Please enjoy!

Estelle is passionate, intelligent, witty and kind. She has a strong desire to help people and to constantly learn more about her craft.  She is amazing. She is intuitive about issues with your body and muscle groups and pays attention to your individual body mechanics. She is the muscle whisperer coaxing out all of the kinks and tightness in your body. All of my sessions are challenging but geared to my abilities.

Estelle has worked with me not only to gain strength but also correct muscular imbalances resulting in significantly improved fitness performance. I have increased strength and flexibility as well as improved muscle tone. I am functioning at a higher fitness level since I began working with her about 6 months ago and I recover faster from workouts.  I enjoy multiple activities including running, Pilates and TRX and Ki Hara is the perfect complement to these other workouts.

Liz C.


A series of unfortunate accidents had left me with a poorly healed broken back and the lower half of my neck surgically fused. For two years I endured significant pain, severely diminished capabilities and a constant low-grade headache. I used to be a firefighting aircraft pilot and I have never been one to give up or quit for any reason – EVER. It seemed as if I was finally beaten and was close to giving up as I have ever been. Quite serendipitously, I discovered Estelle a week before I was traveling to Chicago on business. In one intense weekend of three sessions, she reached into the cavernous hole that had become my life and extricated me with immediate results. My headache gone, she showed me the path necessary for as near a complete recovery as possible. Thank you Estelle for helping me get my life back.

Duncan H.

Sun Valley, ID

No question, working out with Estelle has been a game changer for me! Even disciplined individuals need professionals to help them reach their health and fitness goals. It’s not only about putting in the time, it’s about making sure it’s time well spent. My 5+ years has been time well spent! Building lean muscle has helped me lose body weight and more importantly, maintain my new weight level. By the way, Estelle’s engaging personality makes the workouts less painful!!!

Peter B.


I sought out Estelle to assist me with conquering my migraines.  For years, I suffered from frequent migraines and short of popping pills nearly everyday, not much was working.  My initial visit was very informative – it provided a completely different way of looking at how the body functions and holds on to pain.  Instantly, I felt more relaxed, flexible and even elongated.  After going for regular stretch sessions, I get fewer migraines.    Estelle is great to work with.  She is very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable.  If I could, I would go daily.

Meghan E.


I have been working with Estelle for the past few months for chronic back pain as a result of scoliosis and past injuries. I have been to medical doctors, chiropractors, and massage-therapists for the pain experiencing only short-term improvement. I have had the most significant and lasting results from the stretching that Estelle does. She is knowledgeable, committed and extremely intuitive in the structure and inner workings of the body. Estelle is a true healer.

Debbie O.


When I first met Estelle two years ago I was a portly 197 lbs. and out of shape. Two years later and I am in the best shape of my life. I’m down to 165 lbs. and enjoy high energy levels all day. Estelle has a way of pushing you to the next level without hitting the breaking point. If you want to get toned and cut, Estelle Harford will get you there in 6 months. She is the “real deal”.

Jerry F.


Hey there Miracle Worker. WOW!!!!!!!  I can’t even begin to thank you enough for the treatments. My neck/shoulders/back feel SO much better.

Mike C.

Napa, CA

Estelle Harford is my Ki-Hara practitioner. I had been very inactive after two back and shoulder surgeries from a wicked fall. I was released to start exercising but so stiff and weak I knew I needed something special. Ki-Hara is it under the hands of Estelle. I felt like a 10 year old again after my first session. I am growing more limber and strong. Soon I will begin fitness training with Estelle. Her spirit and non-judgmental style makes you feel like she is making friends with every muscle and tendon in your body. I highly recommend her for your trip back to how we are supposed to feel!

Jean F.


I’ve known Estelle for nearly 18 years. In the past few years, Estelle has become my personal trainer. She is efficient, truthful and produces results. Estelle pays attention to your individual body, your wants and needs. She has brought changes in my life, that I never thought possible. Not only has she changed my body physically, but has also instilled in me – a new confidence. Estelle has changed my mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend her as a trainer.

Neena M.