Ki-Hara, a sophisticated approach for improving physical flexibility and facilitating injury recovery, has traditionally been available to elite athletes performing at a professional or Olympic level. Ki-Hara uses concentric and eccentric movements to strengthen and stretch muscle tissues. One of the most avid proponents of Ki-Hara is Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres.

Harford, who specializes in personal fitness training, began taking the rigorous sessions to study and to become certified as a Master Trainer of Ki-Hara .

As personal fitness continues to evolve into long-term wellness and lifestyle, Harford believes that everyone should have the tools to take responsibility for their personal health.  “The core principal of functional training is to mimic the activities and movements of everyday life,” explains Harford.

Harford’s clients range from triathletes, professional sailors and marathon runners to people suffering from multiple sclerosis, plantar fasciitis and other ailments like neck, hip, shoulder, back, knee pain and migraine headaches. Harford says, “Working with skilled athletes is very satisfying and providing everyday people with the means to build strength and live pain free is extremely rewarding.”