Improve your Golf game Atlanta, with Ki-Hara Master Trainer Estelle Harford

Don’t you want to be a better Golfer?

I haven’t ever met a golfer that wasn’t interested in improving their game. Golf is a sport that is extremely intricate, and always presents new challenges. It can be the course, the weather or YOU! I am here to introduce you to an incredible, secret tool that can help you immeasurably.

Ki-Hara Master Trainer Estelle Harford has recently relocated to Atlanta, and can help you accomplish your game goals.

Ki-Hara is a unique method of eccentric flexibility, strength training, and core stabilization that is used to help athletes improve. It also corrects muscular substitution, which might be significantly impacting your game.

With the help of a Ki-Hara Master Trainer, you will decrease pain, eliminate painful muscular substitution, increase range of motion, flexibility, strength and core capability. All of these advance your game.

In golf, one needs the ability to quickly access muscles and rotate powerfully through specific joint rotations. If you can’t use these muscles properly you will have a lot of unnecessary frustration. You should be able to quickly execute these movements to get the most torque, control and precision in your swing. If not corrected this will translate into fault in your swing as well as other problems.

Aside from being strong; to be a successful golfer it is imperative that one has FLEXIBILITY! You need chest, shoulder, lattissimus dorsi (lats) and back range of motion and flexibility. Your arm must be able to fully cross far enough in front of your body to allow for a proper backswing. Range of motion is extremely important to be able to get your body into good positioning. You have to be strong enough to have the power behind your backswing to make the ball travel a far distance.

Hip mobility and glute strength are often overlooked. There are many people that have extremely tight and restricted hip flexor and psoas muscles. One of the things these muscles do is, allow your hips to properly rotate internally and externally. This contributes to the ability to control sway and early extension. You have to be able to rotate your body in all planes of motion. If you can’t, you run the risk of injuring yourself because you are forcing other areas of your body to take unnecessary torque and joint stress.

You might be frustrated and feel like you are doing “everything correctly” and still not getting what you want out of your game. It is extremely likely you have muscular compensations occurring in your body, which are inhibiting your improvement. If these are not corrected they will impair performance and can lead to injury. Ki-Hara can be the missing link to perfecting your game. Working with a Master Trainer is the best way to determine what is happening in your own body and to create a program for correcting these issues.

Estelle Harford of Stellar Strength and Wellness is a Movement Therapist and a nationally recognized Ki-Hara Master Trainer. She has recently relocated to the Atlanta area from Chicago. She is the only Ki-Hara Master Trainer in Georgia. Please call to set up an appointment at 630-730-1410. She offers in-home sessions as well as studio sessions.,


Are you ready for your best golf season yet?

I have yet to meet a golfer that isn’t interested in improving their game. I have an incredible tool that can help you immeasurably, and I’m almost positive you haven’t even heard of it.

Ki-Hara is a unique method of flexibility and strength training that I use to help golfers improve on an already challenging game. As a Master Trainer, I am able to eliminate pain, increase range of motion and increase strength. By also utilizing John F. Barnes Myofascial Release I am able to increase these gains by working directly with restricted fascia. I am also able to diagnose and correct muscular imbalances and substitutions. Some of which are caused by scar tissue and dense fascia. Unless addressed and corrected, your body will permanently remain in this damaged position.

In golf there are an incredible amount of muscular and joint rotations that you need your body to be able to easily get into in order for you to get the most torque and control in your swing.

To be a successful golfer you need to have upper chest and shoulder flexibility. Your arm must be able to cross enough in front of your body to allow for a proper backswing. The less your arm is able to cross in front of your body the less power and control you will have on the swing. In addition to chest flexibility you need to have enough upper back strength and thoracic flexibility to be able to complete and support this movement. You also need the strength to generate enough force and power to drive the ball as far as possible.

Hip flexor mobility is extremely important in life and even more so in a golf game. I have worked with an incredible amount of people that have extremely tight and restricted hip flexors. These muscles not only allow your body to rotate, they also connect your upper body to your lower body. You need to be able to rotate both halves of the body independently of one another. If you can’t, you run the risk of injuring your low back or knees because those areas will be forced to take the torque your hip flexors are incapable of.

Another important aspect of golf that Ki-Hara can help with is putting. It is important for your upper body and shoulders to work in small movements with complete control. Your shoulders need to move in an independent manner, while your torso stays in a fixed and stable position.

Being able to eliminate accumulated dense fascia through private sessions of Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching and JFB MFR will free your restrictions, help muscles develop properly and allow for the true bio-mechanical efficiency. It will allow your bones to have proper joint rotation and alignment. Therefore creating your best golf game yet.

Estelle Harford is a nationally recognized Ki-Hara Master Trainer and John F Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist. Please call to set up an appointment at 630-730-1410. ,